OUR HISTORYFrom a small cash-to-carry store to being the leading importer and distributor of Southeast Asian prodcuts

    The company was founded by Pawan Kumar Bhandari after his relocation to Germany in 1980. His first store was about 70 m² in size, whilst today’s headquarter in Biebesheim comprises 15000 m².

    P.K. Bhandari initially only sold Indian products, yet broadened his product range only a few years later selling Sri Lankan and Thai products, cosmetics and kitchen equipment. He soon diversified his assortment selling his first private label products, Indian and Asian frozen and convenience foods.

    Herewith Global Foods Trading offers a broad range of authentic Indian and Asian goods, of the best quality and at the best price attainable. Our exclusive supplier relationships as well as our high product and service standards ensure these benefits.

    For over 40 years we have offered our customers the best goods, competence and high customer satisfaction – by now on an area of over 30000 m². Grow and expand with us – thanks to our success we continuously conquer new markets and provide you with a comprehensive, exotic product range.

    GFT TIMELINE HISTORYFrom a small cash-to carry to being the leading importer

    • 1980 Starting the Business

      1980 Starting the Business

      P.K. Bhandari relocates to Germany and founds GFT (initially known as Bhandari GmbH) in Frankfurt, starting in a small 70m² shop to test the potential of Indian products on the German market.

    • 1983 From Shop to Warehouse

      1983 From Shop to Warehouse

      To meet market demands, GFT relocates to a new 320m² large warehouse in Mörfelden-Walldorf.

    • 1985 Going Wholesale

      1985 Going Wholesale

      GFT begins directly importing goods from India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The former cash & carry business evolves into a wholesale trade with a growth rate of 40% per annum.

    • 1991 Exclusive Brands & Moving

      1991 Exclusive Brands & Moving

      With exclusive brands & expansive product range GFT moves to a 520m² large warehouse in Mörfelden with high rack storage systems.

    • 1993 Launch of SCHANI brand and in house production

      1993 Launch of SCHANI brand and in house production

      To meet market demands, GFT relocates to a new 320m² large warehouse in Mörfelden-Walldorf.

    • 2001 Building the Headquarter

      2001 Building the Headquarter

      With a new purpose built warehouse of 15,000m² in Biebesheim am Rhein GFT takes a big step to becoming one of Germany’s largest Asian Wholesaler.

    • 2004 Distribution Centre Spain

      2004 Distribution Centre Spain

      The first GFT subsidiary is opened in Barcelona, Spain. From now on GFT can supply Spain, Portugal, the south of France and the Balearic Islands on a regular basis.

    • 2010 Next Generation joining

      2010 Next Generation joining

      With Manav Bhandari the next generation joins the business and specifically works on expansion in Europe and further channels such as modern retail.

    • 2011 Launch of Rice Brand HEER

      2011 Launch of Rice Brand HEER

      GFT introduces new Basmati Rice in its own brand „Heer” that establishes itself quickly as one of the big Basmati brands in Europe.

    • 2013 Distribution Centre France

      2013 Distribution Centre France

      GFT opens a branch in Paris, France in the second biggest market in mainland Europe. With a warehouse of 1200m² and own fleet of lorries this office can directly cater to the growing French market.

    • 2014 Distribution Centre UK

      2014 Distribution Centre UK

      Further expanding across the channel GFT UK is founded to extend into the biggest Asian/Indian market in Europe.

    • 2017 Distribution Centre Netherlands

      2017 Distribution Centre Netherlands

      GFT acquires Sidhu Foods in Netherlands, a well-established wholesaler, and thereby further extends its footprint in Europe.

    • 2020 Next Generation joining

      2020 Next Generation joining

      Parul Saigal (Bhandari) rejoins the business after 13 years career in the FMCG sector and specifically focuses on strategic projects to set up the business for long-term success.


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